• Fiona Tritton

Dreamy Peonies, perfect for a June wedding

Beautiful sugar flowers have been the perfect addition to wedding cakes since the first cake artist rolled out a sheet of petal paste and made a rose. Cake design has come an awfully long way since those first, small roses – with cake cakes featuring stunning, life-size feature blooms and all sorts of exotic varieties. This series of posts is to introduce the types of flower that are popular in current wedding cake designs and give you some ideas for blooms to include on your own cake

From elegant simplicity of single blooms such as Claire de Lune and Bowl of Beauty to the blowsy glamour of Sarah Bernhardt nothing says “bridal” more than the classic peony. Romantic, luxurious and available in a variety of colours, peonies can feature as part of a larger grouping or as the focus of your cake. They mix beautifully with metallics, picking up one of the most enduring trends of the last few years.

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