• Fiona Tritton

"Honey, I dropped the cake" or How to Transport Your Bespoke Cake

We've all seen those videos on instagram and youtube haven't we, the one where the hapless Dad, sent to pick up his daughter's birthday cake, has a disaster on the way to the party and they end up with an emergency cake from Tesco. Or laughed over a video of the bride and groom knocking over their wedding cake. Don't let that be you !! Make sure you follow my tips for the perfect cake transport home and there won't be a speck of icing on your face.

1. Clear the boot of your car if possible or if you can’t then make sure you have a good, clear space in the front passenger footwell. Push the seat right back if you need to .

2. When you carry the cake to your car make sure you hold it level from underneath the box. Don’t hold it by the sides or the lid as it is likely to get squashed

3. Don’t turn the heating up ! This may result in some unfortunate melting...

4. Take it gently, drive at a reasonable speed but make sure you slow down in good time for corners, obstructions, turnings etc. Imagine you are on your driving test and you won't go far wrong ! Sudden stops or swerves are likely to end up jolting the box and may result in damage to your cake.

5. When you get home make sure you store the cake in a cool, quiet place away from inquisitive dogs until required.

Cake by the phenomenally talented Cakes by Carol

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