• Fiona Tritton

Royal Wedding Series - Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg & Gotha on 10th Feb 1840 – the first marriage of a reigning English Queen for 300 years. Queen Victoria’s cake is said to have weighed 300lb, had three tiers and was elaborately decorated with Greek- and Roman-style leafy swags, floral bouquets, and curlicues decorating the sides.

Crowning the top were small Roman-style sculptures of Britannia (the female personification of Britain), the bride and groom dressed in Roman attire, and a model of the queen’s favourite dog. A piece of the original cake, complete with its presentation box recently sold for an incredible £1500 at auction.

A bakery in Lynn recreated the 22 stone cake for a 2018 BBC documentary using the original recipe – it included 11.5 pints of brandy and was constructed in 8 sections due to its massive size !

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